What’s new at Costco: Office supplies, candy & snacks, disposables, janitorial supplies, and more


If you’re looking to stock up on office supplies, snacks and more for your business, Costco is the place to go! With a wide selection of goods perfect for home and business use, you’re sure to find everything you need here. You can also get your order in quickly and get started on your day at our great prices and convenient online shopping.

Costco Business Center: what is it?

In the Costco Business Center, you’ll find office supplies, candy and snacks, disposables, janitorial supplies, and more. This makes it easy for businesses to keep their workers well-stocked.

A great thing about Costco Business Center is that it keeps employees stocked with paper supplies. Whether you’re a small business or you work in an office with 10 people, Costco Business Center can provide you with enough paper products to last your team several months. Aside from paper products, Costco Business Center offers a wide selection of snacks and drinks, so your employees can stay energized during workdays.

Costco Business Center is a great place to stock up on business supplies or supplies for your home office.

Supplies for the office

Disposables, such as wipes, sanitizers, toilet paper, and buckets, mops, and brooms, round out Costco’s selection of office supplies.

Snacks & Candy

Check out what’s on Costco’s business shelves when you’re looking for office supplies, candy, and snacks:

Snacks & Candy

It’s always a good idea to start your day with a sweet treat, and Costco has everything you need. From chocolate bars to hard candies, this section has something for everyone.

If you’re looking for something more substantial to eat while working, Costco has plenty of options too. You can take granola bars, trail mix, and other snack items with you when you’re on the go. The store also offers fresh fruit and vegetables as well as hearty entrees such as macaroni and cheese and chicken stir-fry should you get hungry after work.

The disposables

If you want to save money, stock up on paper products, pens and paperclips. You can also find napkins, cups and other accessories in this section. Also, Costco offers a wide variety of cleaning supplies, whether you’re a janitorial professional or just want to keep your home clean.

The disposables

You can find everything from candy to snacks to cleaning supplies at Costco. Here are some of their best items:

From classic chocolates and caramel apples to more unusual treats like sour patch kids and gummy bears, Costco has a wide variety of candy.

The candy available at Costco ranges from classic chocolates and caramel apples to more unusual choices such as gummy bears and sour patch kids. You’re sure to find something that appeals to everyone in your office. Snacks : Whether you need mini-packs of chips or a full-sized container of yogurt, Costco has you covered. And don’t forget the flavored water!

There’s something for everyone at Costco, whether it’s a mini-pack of chips or a full-size container of yogurt. And don’t forget the flavored water! Cleaning Supplies: From disinfectant wipes to floor cleaners, Costco has everything you need for a thorough clean. Plus, their prices are always unbeatable.

Cleaning services

The following items can be found at Costco: office supplies, candy and snacks, disposable items, and janitorial supplies.

Supplies for the office

Products made from paper


Inkjet printers

Machines for sending and receiving faxes

Monitors for computers

Technology – Computers

Tablets and laptops


Food and snacks

The disposables

Rolls of toilet paper

Tissue packs for the bathroom

The grocery store

Here’s a look at what Costco has to offer in terms of office supplies, candy and snacks, disposables, and janitorial items:

For starters, Costco’s business section has everything you need for your office. You can get pens, paper, laptops, mice, printers, desks, and even specialized supplies like tape or labels.

Snacks & Candy: Candy is a staple in any workplace and Costco offers a great selection of both traditional favorites like chocolate bars and treats like gummy bears as well as more unique ones like peppermint patties and licorice ropes. For workday snacking, you can also find pretzels and trail mix.

Disposables: Costco has all the disposable products you need, from paper towels to facial tissue to napkins. In addition to the wide variety of brands and types of disposables, you can also find packs of multi-purpose wipes that make cleaning up after lunch or dinner a breeze.

If you need janitorial supplies or anything else related to cleaning up after yourself, Costco is the place to go. From disinfectants to vacuum cleaners, you’ll find everything you need. Plus, if you ever need repairs or replacements on any of your

In conclusion

Here are some of the best things you’ll find at Costco for your business: office supplies, candy and snacks, disposables, janitorial supplies, and more.


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