Ukrainian Corporate Accelerator: Radar Tech


They bring together leading corporations and innovative minds to help businesses take their first steps into the global market. Radar Tech is the first Ukrainian corporate accelerator.

Radar Tech: What is it?

Radar is a form of electronic imaging that uses electromagnetic waves to create images of targets. The waves travel in a straight line and bounce off the target, creating an image on the screen.

As one of the fastest-growing tech industries in the U.S., radar technology is expected to grow by over 20% through 2020. Radar technology has numerous applications in transportation, security, and weather monitoring.

As a means of detecting aircraft and ships, radar technology has been used for navigation and air traffic control since the 1930s. In addition to automotive safety, airport security, trucking, agriculture, and medical diagnostics, radar technology is used in a variety of fields today.

The Ukrainian Corporate Accelerator is an initiative launched by the government of Ukraine to help promising Ukrainian companies gain access to international markets and partnerships. In addition to mentorship and skills training from top global companies, the accelerator provides business incubation services.

What is Radar Tech?

A radar uses radio waves to detect objects and track their movements. Radar can be used for navigation, air traffic control, and military purposes.

The radar station measures the time it takes for an echo to return and uses that information to calculate the distance from the object. This distance information can then be used to determine the object’s location and movement.

There are several different types of radars, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. One type of radar is the VLF (very low frequency) radar, which operates at frequencies between 3 and 30 MHz. VLF radars are good for detecting small objects near the ground or in shallow water because they can penetrate fog, rain, snow, and other obscuring factors. They are also useful for tracking aircraft because they can detect them over long distances without being affected by weather conditions.

VLF radars are not very effective when it comes to detecting large objects or targets moving quickly. Another type of radar is the FM (frequency modulation) radar, which uses shorter waves that travel in a straight line. FM radars are good for detecting targets moving quickly across open ground or water because they can bounce off these surfaces and return a signal more quickly than traditional VLF radars. They are also more effective than VLF radars when it comes to tracking multiple targets simultaneously.

Radar Tech is attended by whom?

In Radar Tech, early-stage companies are given access to resources and assistance from experienced entrepreneurs, investors, and professionals.

In 2015, Dmitriy Andriychuk, Dmitry Bogdanov, and Artem Golovanov founded Radar Tech. Over 20 companies have participated in Radar Tech, including Kinex, Wahoo!, and GSMArena.

As part of the Radar Tech program, company founders will receive mentorship, networking opportunities, technical assistance, and financial resources as they build their companies. As well as providing support during the early stages of business development, the program also offers workshops on topics such as market analysis, product development, fundraising, and branding.

For more information or to apply, please visit Radar Tech is open to all Ukrainian-based companies looking to accelerate their growth rates.

Program Accelerator

An accelerator program founded in Kiev, Ukraine in 2013, the Accelerator Program provides mentorship, funding, and networking opportunities to startup companies to grow and expand into new markets. The program helps startups grow and expand into new markets.

By providing mentorship, funding, and networking opportunities, the Accelerator Program has been successful in helping startups grow and expand their businesses. As a result of the program’s investment group, 27 of these 36 startups have also been able to raise capital.

The Accelerator Program is open to any startup business in Ukraine. Applications are accepted every month, and a panel of judges evaluates each application. In addition to business consultants, financiers, lawyers, and marketers, businesses that are accepted into the program receive support from a team of experts.

Participants from corporations

Entrepreneur and angel investor Yuri Ponomarenko founded Radar Tech in 2016 as a company that offers participants a space to develop their business ideas.

In addition to mentorship from top Ukrainian CEOs, the acceleration program offers access to capital, technology resources, and networking opportunities. Over 20 companies have been launched by Radar Tech with an aggregate value of over $100 million to date.

For years, Ukrainian businesses have been unable to compete with foreign counterparts. This is primarily due to the country’s weak infrastructure and corrupt policies. Radar Tech, on the other hand, can help these companies get ahead and fill the market’s void.

A Demo Day was held

You don’t want to go out there alone if you’re considering starting or growing a tech company in Ukraine. That’s where Radar Tech comes in: our corporate accelerator program provides startup founders with the resources and support they need to launch their companies.

The Demo Day at Radar Tech is an opportunity for startups to showcase their products and services to investors and partners. The daylong event features keynote speeches from industry veterans, question-and-answer sessions with entrepreneurs, as well as opportunities to meet top Ukrainian businesses and venture capitalists.

Over 50 startups participated in Radar Tech’s Demo Day last year, including Swarm Labs (makers of AirBnB for Ukraine), Cyberminds (a cloud management startup), and Zonerai (a data analytics platform). Don’t hesitate to apply if you’re interested in starting your own tech company, since the program has helped launch dozens of successful companies in Ukraine.


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