From Foodie to Critic: How Jessica Rohloff Found Her Passion for Writing Yelp Reviews


Are you tired of reading food reviews that are bland and uninspired? Look no further than Jessica Rohloff, a self-proclaimed “foodie turned critic,” who has found her passion for writing Yelp reviews. Join us as we dive into Jessica’s journey from a lover of all things culinary to an influential voice in the restaurant industry. With her unique perspective and descriptive language, she is sure to leave your taste buds tingling and inspire you to take on the role of a food critic yourself!

Jessica Rohloff’s Early Years

Jessica Rohloff was born and raised in the small town of Winthrop, MA. After graduating from college with a degree in English Literature, Jessica decided to move to New York City to pursue her dream of being a writer. jessica rohloff yelp

Fortunately for Jessica, she found her passion for writing Yelp reviews while living in New York City. Jessica started by writing little snippets about local businesses but soon began taking on bigger projects and reviewing entire restaurants.

After years of hard work and dedication, Jessica has now become one of the most well-known food critics in the United States. Her writing style is light-hearted and fun, which makes her reviews easy to read and understand.

Jessica Rohloff’s advice for aspiring food reviewers? “Just be yourself! And don’t be afraid to experiment – you never know what might come out of it!”

Becoming a Foodie and Critic

Jessica Rohloff has always had an interest in food and cooking, but it wasn’t until she started writing Yelp reviews that she found her true passion. Rohloff began reviewing restaurants and food in 2010 as a way to learn more about what interested her and to get more feedback from others. Her reviews quickly gained attention and she was soon featured on popular food websites.

Rohloff’s love of writing led her to start a blog in 2013, which focused on the art of restaurant criticism. Her work has been featured in The New York Times, Eater, Pacific Standard, and many other publications. Rohloff is also the author of “Restaurant Critic: A Guide to Accurately evaluating Restaurants” (Ten Speed Press).

With her background in cooking and restaurant criticism, Rohloff offers unique insights into the craft of writing restaurant reviews. She discusses the importance of honesty when reviewing restaurants, explaining that positive or negative ratings should be based on how the restaurant performed rather than on personal preferences or expectations. Rohloff also offers helpful tips for aspiring food writers, including understanding why people enjoy eating out and paying attention to detail when rating restaurants

The Birth of Yelp Reviews

Jessica Rohloff never envisioned herself as a writer, but that’s exactly what she has become thanks to her love of eating and writing Yelp reviews. Rohloff started writing reviews while she was still in college, and quickly realized that she had a passion for it. She began to write about the restaurants she frequented and soon found that her reviews were getting more attention than her academic work.

Rohloff continued to write reviews while she worked in the corporate world but eventually decided that she wanted to devote more time to writing. She took a break from Yelp reviewing for a few years but returned full-time in 2013 after realizing that there was no one else doing what she was doing. Rohloff now writes about 20 reviews per week and has over 1,000 reviews under her belt.

Even though most of her reviews are negative, Rohloff enjoys writing them because they allow her to be critical of restaurants without fear of retribution or conflict. She also enjoys giving other Yelpers information about the best places to eat so they can make informed choices when dining out.

Jessica Rohloff’s Journey from Foodie to Critic

Jessica Rohloff’s journey from foodie to critic is an inspiring story of how one can find their passion in life. Rohloff grew up loving food and cooking but never thought of herself as a critic. She started reviewing restaurants on Yelp when she was just looking for something to do after work.

Rohloff quickly realized that she had a knack for writing reviews and began to focus more on her criticism skills. She started noticing that her reviews were getting better and better, and eventually developed a following on Yelp. Her reviews have helped many people make decisions about where to eat, and she has even been featured in various publications like The New York Times.

Rohloff’s story shows us that anything is possible if we set our minds to it. Anyone can develop critical skills if they put their mind to it, and Rohloff’s journey shows us that even food critics can achieve great things.

How Jessica Rohloff Finds Restaurants to Review

Jessica Rohloff is a foodie and critic who started writing Yelp reviews in 2008 as a way to satisfy her cravings for new restaurants. After finding success with her reviews, she turned her blog into a full-time job in 2013.

Rohloff’s love for food and reviews began when she was living in Germany and would often travel to cities to try new restaurants. She realized that she had a knack for writing and decided to share her insights with the rest of the world by reviewing local eateries on Yelp.

From Foodie to Critic

How Jessica Rohloff Found Her Passion for Writing Yelp Reviews

When Jessica Rohloff first started writing Yelp reviews in 2008, she simply did it as a way to satisfy her cravings for new restaurants. After she started gaining some traction with her writing, Rohloff turned her blog into a full-time job in 2013. What led Rohloff down this path? Read on to find out!

When Jessica Rohloff was living in Germany, she would often travel to different cities to try new restaurants. One day, while trying out a restaurant in Cologne, she realized that she had a knack for writing and decided to share her insights with the rest of the world by reviewing local eateries on Yelp. She quickly gained popularity among Yelpers, and within two years of starting, she had written over 1,000 reviews. 
Since turning her

What factors go into a good Yelp review?

Jessica Rohloff’s love of food began at a young age. Her parents were both cooks, and they would entertain frequently her with homemade meals. Jessica quickly realized that she had a knack for cooking, and began to experiment with different dishes and flavors.

Eventually, Jessica’s love for food took a more serious turn. She started to read about cuisine and the history of food and developed an appreciation for the artistry involved in preparing a meal. Her interest in writing about food grew from there, as she realized that there was a lot of untapped potential for storytelling within the world of restaurant reviews.

Jessica has now been reviewing restaurants on Yelp for over two years, and her writing has quickly developed into one of the site’s most respected voices. She focuses her reviews on providing readers with honest feedback on each restaurant’s merits and flaws, rather than simply rating them according to her personal preferences.

Jessica credits her sustained success as a Yelp reviewer to several key factors: careful preparation before each review write-up, constant willingness to learn new things about food and restaurants, and an unwavering commitment to providing quality information to readers. By following these same principles, anyone can start writing quality restaurant reviews themselves – no matter their level of expertise or experience.

The importance of trust and credibility when writing reviews

When Jessica Rohloff began writing Yelp reviews in 2009, she had no idea how important trust and credibility would become in her career. Rohloff started as a foodie, reviewing restaurants and cooking classes in her spare time. After a few years, she shifted her focus to writing reviews of local businesses. “I loved the idea of being able to give people information about what was going on in their community,” says Rohloff.

At the time, Rohloff didn’t understand how critical trust and credibility were when it came to writing reviews online. She thought that all she needed was good information and honest feedback to get people interested in her reviews. But over time, Rohloff realized that her readers trusted her opinions because they knew that she was credible – she had been writing reviews for years and had built up a large following.

Credibility is key when it comes to writing reviews online because your readers will always believe you if you have a long history of publishing high-quality content. If you can establish yourself as an expert within your field, your readers will be more likely to take your advice seriously. Plus, if you have testimonials from satisfied customers or other relevant sources, your reviews will stand out even more.

Overall, credibility is one of the most important factors when it comes to success with Yelp reviews. By building up a reputation for quality work and being trustworthy, you can attract new followers and


Jessica Rohloff started writing Yelp reviews as an entertaining hobby but quickly became hooked on the opportunity to share her honest opinions with the world. As she improved her craft and began to share her reviews with a critical eye, Jessica realized that she had found her true passion in writing. From foodie to critic, Jessica Rohloff has given voice to those who might otherwise be unheard and helped change the way people think about restaurants and their experiences. If you’re interested in starting your blog or reviewing businesses online, take a look at some of Jessica’s tips for getting started below!


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