Free Excel Calculator for Inverse Matrix with Complex Numbers


Matrixes are rectangular grids of numbers and letters that are used as representations of data. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to calculate the inverse of a matrix with complex numbers in Excel for free. Matrixes are most often used in mathematical equations to simplify the calculation.

Inverse matrices: what are they?

The inverse matrix is a mathematical tool used in linear algebra and other fields to solve systems of equations. It is also known as the transposition of a matrix.

The inverse matrix formula is the transposition of the matrix

By transposing matrix A, you can create an inverted matrix: A’=TAA.

What is the formula for calculating an inverse matrix?

Excel Inverse Matrix Calculator

It is a powerful tool used in mathematics and engineering for solving linear equations and calculating the properties of matrices. The inverse matrix can also be used to solve problems in geometry, such as finding the distances between points. This tutorial will guide you through the steps of calculating an inverse matrix in Excel.

Here is how to calculate the inverse matrix of a matrix A:

I = A-1

You can find A-1 quickly with the Power Method by using the identity matrix (a 1 x 1 matrix with values of 1).

[Aij] – [Ajk] = A

When using the power method to find a matrix inverse, start by entering each element in one cell. Then press Enter after selecting every other element with the Down Arrow key. Using the Up Arrow key, select every other element except for the last one and press Enter. After converting all elements entered into decimals and getting rid of all fractions, type I into cell A2 by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Enter (or CMD+Shift+Enter on a Mac).

An Inverse Matrix Problem Solution

In this tutorial, we will show you how to calculate an inverse matrix using the Matrix Calculator and the Complex Number function in Excel. First, we will define our variables as complex numbers.

Our inverse matrix problem will be represented by this matrix equation.

The Matrix Calculator will solve our equation for us, providing us with our inverse matrix solution.

Here are some additional resources

With Excel, you have several options for calculating an inverse matrix with complex numbers. The first is to use the VBA function Inverse Matrix. If you want to solve a system of equations, this function takes a matrix of real numbers as an input and returns a matrix of imaginary numbers.

Second, you can use the Excel function Matrix Rearrange, which rearranges the elements of a matrix to find its inverse. However, this method is not free and requires some knowledge of matrices.


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