7 Real Dates That Will Make You Say “Wow!”


We all know that January 1st is New Year’s Day, March 20th is International Women’s Day, and July 4th is Independence Day. But did you know other real-world dates have special meanings too? In this article, we will explore seven real-world dates that will make you say “wow!” From astronomical events to historical anniversaries, these are dates you don’t want to miss. realdatesnow

January 1

1. January 1:

The first day of the year!
2. George Washington was

inaugurated as the first U.S. president on this date in 1789.

3. On this date in 1862,

Abraham Lincoln was fatally shot by John Wilkes Booth at Ford’s Theatre in Washington, D.C.

4. In 1912,

Theodore Roosevelt became the 26th U.S. president when he was elected to a second term after winning a popular election against William Howard Taft.

5. Franklin D.

Roosevelt was inaugurated as the 32nd U.S. president on this date in 1937 and served until his death in 1945, making him one of America’s most successful presidents).

6 . On this date in 1847,

California became a state after being admitted to the Union as the 31st state.
7 . In 1865,

President Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation which freed slaves in rebel states during the American Civil War (1861-1865).

8 . John F

Kennedy was assassinated on this date in 1963 and is widely considered one of America’s greatest presidential leaders).
9 . On this date in 1981,

Ronald Reagan was sworn into office as the 40th U.S president after winning an election against Jimmy Carter

February 14

On this date in 1492, Christopher Columbus set sail on his adventurous journey to America. Although he never actually landed on American soil, his discovery of this new land would forever change the world. In 1915, Albert Einstein published his theory of relativity, which explained the behavior of matter and energy in the universe. It was a ground-breaking work that changed the way we look at physics and laid the groundwork for future discoveries. In 1969, Apollo 11 became the first manned mission to land on the moon. The space program had been ongoing for years before this, but it was Apollo 11 that made humans an extraterrestrial species; it was a landmark moment in history. In 1978, Gerald Ford became president after Richard Nixon resigned due to investigations into Watergate. Ford served only one term before being replaced by Ronald Reagan. On February 14th each year, people all over the world celebrate Valentine’s Day in honor of St. Valentine who is said to have preached love and tolerance even during times of persecution.

March 21

March 21 is a day that will make you say “Wow!” Here are six real dates that will amaze you:

1. March 21, 1984 –

John Lennon is shot and killed outside the Dakota building in New York City.
2. March 21, 1865 –

President Abraham Lincoln is assassinated by John Wilkes Booth.
3. March 21, 1912 –

The RMS Titanic sinks after hitting an iceberg in the North Atlantic Ocean, taking more than 1,500 people with it.
4. March 21, 1986 –

The Challenger space shuttle explodes just 73 seconds after launch, killing all seven crewmembers onboard.
5. March 21, 1916 –

President Woodrow Wilson signs into law the Espionage Act of 1917, which makes it a crime to provide aid or support to any country engaged in a war against the United States.
6. March 21st, 2036 –

Due to global warming and other environmental concerns, Earth’s last natural ice sheet melts away, resulting in catastrophic flooding throughout much of North America

April 18

April 18 is a special day. It’s the anniversary of the day Albert Einstein was born, and it’s also Pi Day. (3/14 is also Pi Day.) If you’re math-challenged, that means this is an important day to learn about Pi. In case you’re wondering what Pi is, here’s a little help: Pi is a mathematical constant that plays an important role in geometry and calculus. It’s also known as the ratio of a circumference to a diameter. For example, 3.14 is equal to the value of Pi. So if you want to calculate something like the area of a circle or the volume of a cone, you’ll need to know about Pi!

May 15

What are some real dates that will make you say “wow!”? Here are a few:

May 15 – George Washington’s Birthday
May 17- American Memorial Day
June 14 – Independence Day
July 4th – National Independence Day

June 12

June 12 marks the day in 1882 when Nikola Tesla received a patent for his AC system. Tesla’s innovation made it possible for homes and businesses to use alternating current, which is now the standard for powering electric grids around the world.

June 12 also marks the anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination. On this day in 1963, Kennedy was riding in a motorcade through Dallas when shots were fired from an unknown assailant. Kennedy was killed, and America was left heartbroken.

June 12 also marks the anniversary of Princess Diana’s death. On this day in 1997, Diana was driving in Paris with her boyfriend Dodi Fayed when their car crashed into a pillar on a road near Versailles. The princess died instantly, and Dodi was later convicted of her murder.

July 9

July 9 is a special day. It’s the anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination. And it’s also National Pet Day! Whether you have a pet or not, there are plenty of reasons to celebrate on July 9th. Here are nine amazing real dates that will make you say “Wow!”

1. July 9th is the anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination.
2. On this date in 1969, Neil Armstrong became the first human being to step foot on the moon.
3. In 1883, Alexander Graham Bell patented his telephone model #4, which made long-distance communication possible for the first time.
4. On July 9th, 1954, Elvis Presley made his debut performance on The Ed Sullivan Show.
5. In 1897, San Francisco Mayor James Phelan proclaimed July 9th as National Ice Cream Day in honor of Louis Sherbert, who had created an ice cream recipe using only three ingredients – milk, sugar, and vanilla extract – and was selling it from a sidewalk cart in downtown San Francisco for five cents a bowl.
6. On this date in 1912, Wojciech Zukowski filed a patent for the first escalator design (although he didn’t build one until 1914).
7. On July 9th, 1976, Apple Computer was incorporated as Silicon Valley’s third company (following HP and Atari). Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak were both employed by Atari at

President’s Day

President’s Day is a special day to honor the presidency and all that the United States represents. Here are seven real dates that will make you say “wow!”

1. April 29: George Washington was born on this date in 1732.
2. November 22: Abraham Lincoln was assassinated on this date in 1865.
3. July 4: Independence Day celebrates the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776.
4. October 10: Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected president on this date in 1932, and he served until he died in 1945.
5. January 20: John F Kennedy was assassinated on this date in 1963, and he marks the 35th anniversary of his death every year with a commemoration ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery.
6. September 11: On this day in 2001, terrorists attacked the World Trade Center and The Pentagon, causing widespread casualties and change for America as we know it.
7. May 5: This is also Jackie Robinson Day, which honors baseball icon Jackie Robinson who broke racial barriers during his playing career from 1947-1956

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a solemn day to remember those who have died in service to their country. The holiday commemorates the soldiers, sailors, and airmen who gave their lives in battle. It also celebrates the survivors and the families of those who have died.

There are many memorials and ceremonies held on Memorial Day. In the United States, Memorial Day is typically a day of outdoor ceremonies and patriotic observances. There are also memorials and services held in remembrance of those killed by violence or disease.

Here are some real dates that will make you say “wow!”

July 4: Independence Day
July 5: National independence day in Canada
July 6: Bastille Day in France
August 15: Labor Day in the United States September 11th: International day of remembrance for victims of terrorism

Labor Day

Labor Day is a United States federal holiday celebrated on the first Monday of September. The holiday was created to honor American labor and to promote social justice. Labor Day originated in New York City, where it was first celebrated on August 29, 1882. It became an unofficial national holiday in 1894.


Thanksgiving is one of America’s biggest holidays. It celebrates the first day of autumn and commemorates the Pilgrims’ 1621 harvest feast in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

The date has changed over the years, but the holiday is still celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. Here are some real dates that will make you say “wow!”

October 7: Columbus Day

October 14: HALLOWEEN


What am I going to do for Christmas this year? The answer, shockingly, is pretty much anything you want! There are so many fun and interesting things to do that you’re sure to find something that appeals to you. Here are a few ideas:
2) Get into the Christmas spirit by decorating your home with festive lights and holiday decorations. If you don’t have time or money to put up a big display, simply bring some joy to your home with some colorful garlands and cheerful Santas!
3) Participate in a community Christmas event. Whether it’s a family-oriented celebration or a more festive affair with all of the bells and whistles, there’s sure to be something happening near you!
4) Make dinner reservations at one of your favorite restaurants and enjoy a festive meal surrounded by loved ones.
5) Enjoy a festive night out on the town. From shopping at local malls to catching a show at the theater, there are plenty of fun things to do during the holidays!
6) Give yourself an amazing gift by taking advantage of seasonal sales. Not only will you save some serious cash, but you’ll also be getting something truly special in return!

The day you turn 21

When you reach the ripe age of 21, it’s a reminder that time is flying by and you have so much ahead of you. Here are five real dates that will make you say “wow!”

Your wedding anniversary

If you’re looking for a really special way to commemorate your wedding anniversary, consider a trip. There are so many beautiful places to visit that will remind you of your happy times together. Here are 10 of our favorites:

1. Paris – This enchanting city is always buzzing with energy and romance. Add the Eiffel Tower to your itinerary and you’ll have plenty of photo opportunities!
2. Venice – Wander the canals and admire the illuminated palazzos while taking in the sound of water lapping against stone. It’s hard to beat floating down an alleyway on a gondola!
3. Hawaii – Another romantic island destination, Hawaii is full of lush rain forests, white sand beaches, and dramatic volcanoes. You’ll never forget your first kiss under the stars in Waikiki!
4. New York City – Spend a romantic evening exploring Times Square, admiring the glittering lights at Broadway shows, or strolling through Central Park on a warm summer night. You won’t regret making memories in “The Big Apple”!
5. Edinburgh – This charming Scottish city has everything from Old Town cobblestone streets to haunted pubs perfect for a spooky anniversary date night!
6. Napa Valley – Sample world-renowned wines while gazing out at picturesque vineyards and rolling hillsides during your stay in California’s wine country. Be sure to book a stay at one of Napa Valley’s luxury resorts like The Stags’ Leap

The day your child is born

Your child’s birth date is a momentous event that will stay with you forever. As you celebrate each milestone of your little one’s life, keep in mind the real dates that will make you say “wow!” Here are 10 amazing birthdays to remember:

1. January 1st
2. February 14th
3. March 21st
4. April 17th
5. May 15th
6. June 19th
7. July 17th
8. August 14th
9. September 18th
10. October 16th

The day your pet dies

When your dear pet dies, the pain is immeasurable. It feels like a part of you died with them. The days that follow are full of sadness and mourning. However, some real dates will make you say “wow!” Here are some truly amazing events that have taken place on specific dates:

– July 4th: On this patriotic holiday, many people celebrate by lighting fireworks and eating burgers. But in 1607, the first recorded celebration of Independence Day took place when colonists set off firecrackers to ward off British troops.
On July 4th, 1776, the Declaration of Independence was adopted unanimously by the Second Continental Congress in Philadelphia.

– December 25th: Many people believe that Christmas is a Christian holiday, but it originated from pagan celebrations honoring the winter solstice. On December 25th, pagans would exchange gifts and celebrate the coming of spring. Christians adopted these celebrations and added celebrating Jesus’ birth as well. 
Many people also believe that December 25th is supposedly when Santa Clause makes his rounds delivering presents to good children!

– January 1st: New Year’s Day is celebrated throughout the world with various activities and parties. In the United States, it is traditionally a time to reflect on what has happened during the past year and make resolutions for the upcoming year. Some people also choose to eat breakfast at midnight to symbolize starting over again on new grounds.

The day you move into your new home

The day you move into your new home can be a really exciting and nerve-wracking experience. Here are some real dates that will make you say “wow!”

1. The day you see all of the boxes and packing material for the first time.
2. The day you walk into your brand new house for the first time and feel like a million bucks.
3. The day you finally put all of your furniture in its rightful place and can start decorating to your heart’s content.
4. The day you get to unpack all of your wonderful belongings and take a little break from packing/ moving for a while…phew!
5. The day you finally have some peace to relax in your brand-new home after endless days of packing, moving, and decorating!


Date night can be a lot of fun – but sometimes it can feel like everyone is doing the same thing. If you’re looking for something new and exciting to do, check out our list of 7 real dates that will make you say “wow!” Whether you’re hitting up an arcade or cooking dinner at your place, these date ideas are sure to leave you wanting more. Who knows – maybe one of these nights will become your regular go-to!


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