5 Best Alternatives To RealDates Snow When You’re In The UK


Realdatesnow.zu No one wants to deal with a snowstorm, especially when there’s school or work involved. But what if you have to in the UK? Well, don’t panic! There are a few great alternatives to RealDates snow when you’re in the UK. In this blog post, we will explore five of the best alternatives to RealDates snow when you’re in the UK. From online dating to meetups, these are all great options for finding love or catching up with friends during a snowy day.

POF ( Plenty Of Fish )

If you’re looking for a dating site that offers a different experience than the popular RealDates, there are a few alternatives to consider.

1. POF ( Plenty Of Fish ) is one of the most popular dating sites in the UK, and it offers a unique take on online dating. Rather than matching you with people who live near you, POF uses its user database to match you with people from all around the world. This allows you to find someone who shares your interests and matches your personality, no matter where you are in the world.

2. OkCupid is another great option if you’re looking for an alternative to RealDates. OkCupid is similar to POF in that it offers a global network of users, but it also has features that make it more specific to Dating. For example, OkCupid lets you narrow down your search by location, age range, and interests. This makes it easy to find someone who shares your interests and ticks all the boxes – perfect for those times when you want something more specific than what RealDates provides.

3. Tinder is another app that’s gaining popularity as an alternative to RealDates. Tinder lets you swipe right or left on potential matches based on their photos and profile information alone. This allows you to quickly explore different options without having to read long profiles or fill out extensive questionnaires.


Bumble is a dating app that’s quickly gaining popularity in the UK. It’s a different kind of app, where you can start conversations with people by sending them ‘bumps’ instead of messages. The app is free to download and use, and there are no subscriptions required. You can also be compatible with other users without having to sign up for a premium account. The app also has a ‘safety feature’ which makes sure all of your conversations are private by default. Bumble is currently available on both Android and iOS devices, and you can read our full review here.


If you’re looking for an alternative to traditional dating sites like RealDates, there are a few good options available when you’re in the UK. DateUK is one such site, and it offers several features that make it different from other dating platforms.

One major difference between DateUK and other dating sites is that it only allows users to contact each other by text message or email. This can be helpful if you’re shy or if you don’t want to go out with someone in person. Another feature that makes DateUK unique is the fact that it has a large number of singles who are either divorced, widowed, or have never been married. This can make finding a relationship easier than using a site like RealDates, which is geared toward couples.

Overall, DateUK is an excellent alternative to traditional dating sites like RealDates. It has several features that make it unique and easy to use, and its singles pool is particularly diverse and inviting. If you’re looking for an alternative to RealDates Snow when you’re in the UK, DateUK should be at the top of your list!


1. Tinder is a popular dating app that has been around for several years now. It’s a great option if you want to find someone to date casually or if you are looking for a long-term relationship.
2. There are several other apps available that can be used in place of, or in addition to, Tinder. These apps include Swipe left and right, Happn, Bumble, and Coffee Meets Bagel.
3. Each app has its advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to decide which one is best for you before using it. Swipe left and right is great for finding someone close by, Happn is good for meeting people in your area who have similar interests, Bumble is meant to be more casual than other apps, and Coffee Meets Bagel is perfect for meeting new people who live in your area.


If you’re looking for an alternative to the oft-canceled RealDates Snow app, here are some of our favorites.

1. Grindr – This app is perfect for those who are looking for a more discrete way to find partners. You can filter by location and type of person so that you can easily find someone nearby. Additionally, there is an option to create a group chat with other users on the app, so you can make connections without having to go through individual profiles.

2. Zoosk – If you’re looking for a dating app that caters specifically to singles in the UK, Zoosk is worth checking out. The app has a wide range of features, including a compatibility checker and live chat support. Plus, it has a very active user base, so you’re likely to find someone compatible with your interests within minutes of registering.

3. Tinder – Another popular dating app available worldwide, Tinder allows users to sign up with just their email address or Facebook profile. Once logged in, you can browse through matches based on location and interest (including things like music, movies, and TV shows). You then have the option to message or meet up with them in real life

Coffee Meets Bagel

If you’re looking for a dating app that doesn’t rely on the traditional interface, Coffee Meets Bagel might be the perfect fit for you. The app is designed to make online dating more casual and fun, and it offers a variety of features that are unique compared to other apps.

For starters, Coffee Meets Bagel allows users to create a profile with photos only. This makes it easier to get to know someone better since you won’t have to worry about writing any bios. You can also message each other directly without having to go through the dating app’s chat interface.

Another perk of using Coffee Meets Bagel is that it offers international dating. So, whether you’re in the UK or elsewhere in Europe, you’ll have no trouble finding matches on this app. Plus, because it’s based in London, there’s a good chance that locals will be interested in meeting up with you too.

Overall, Coffee Meets Bagel is an excellent alternative to real dates Snow when you’re looking for an easy-to-use and casual dating app. It has all the basic features necessary for connecting with potential partners, and its international compatibility means that there’s a good chance of finding someone who shares your interests.


Happn is a new app that lets you connect with people around you. You can see who’s nearby, chat, and potentially meet up. It works like Tinder but with the bonus of being able to see who’s currently online. You can also use Happn to find events happening in your area.


1. Mixlr is one of the newer dating apps on the market, and it’s quickly become a favorite for UK singles. The app is free to download and use, and it offers users a range of features that make it an excellent alternative to traditional dating apps like Tinder.

2. One of the best things about Mixlr is that it has a broad age range. Whether you’re looking for someone your age or older, Mixlr has something for you. Plus, because the app is so new, there are still lots of people using it, which means that there are more chances for you to meet someone special.

3. Another great thing about Mixlr is that it’s available both on mobile and desktop platforms. This means that you can use it no matter where you are in the UK.

4. Finally, one of the biggest reasons why Mixlr is such a great alternative to traditional dating apps is because of its chat feature. With Mixlr, you can easily communicate with potential dates without having to leave the app or worry about data charges.

How to hook up with someone on dating apps

There are a lot of dating apps out there, but which is the best one for you? Here are four of the most popular apps and how to hook up with someone on them:

1. Tinder: This app is perfect if you’re looking for something quick and casual. You can swipe left to dismiss someone or right to add them to your list of interests. There’s a limit of 30 matches per day, so make sure you’re using it wisely!

2. OkCupid: This is another app that’s great for those who want something more serious. You can browse through profiles, send messages, and even meet in person! However, it has a limit of 100 matches per day, so be judicious in your use.

3. Grindr: If you’re looking for something more specific in terms of sexual orientation or gender identity, then Grindr is the app for you! It’s packed full of guys and girls from all over the world who are looking for love and adventure. It has a limit of around 500 matches per day, so be patient!

4. Bumble: Last but not least is Bumble. Unlike other apps where you message all members at once, on Bumble you have to message each person individually before possibly meeting up (although this does increase the chances of someone getting back to you). It’s also free to use, so there’s no reason not to give it a go!


Looking for a dating site that’s more suited to your needs? Check out our top five alternatives to real dates!

1. OkCupid – With over 30 million users, OkCupid is one of the most popular dating sites on the internet. It has an easy-to-use interface and comes with a ton of features, such as matching you with people based on interests, being able to message others, and even seeing who has liked your profile. Plus, it’s free to sign up for!

2. Match – Match is another great option if you want something with a bit more pizzazz. It has a flashy design and allows you to browse through thousands of potential dates based on things like age, country of origin, and religious preference. You can also create your profile and start messaging other members right away!

3. Tinder – If you’re into swipe left/right dating then Tinder is the app for you! It’s incredibly simple to use: just enter in some basic information (including age range and interests), and start swiping left/right to find someone who matches your criteria. Plus, it’s always updated with the latest trends so there’s always something new to look at!

4. PlentyOfFish – PlentyOfFish is great if you want something that feels more personalized. You can create a completely customized profile including pictures, contact information


Match.com is the leading online dating service in the United States and around the world. With more than 40 million users, it’s a great resource for finding a potential partner, but there are other alternatives if you’re looking to find someone in the UK. Here are five of the best:

1. Match.com – This is the largest dating site in the world and offers several different features, including compatibility matching and its dating app. It has a very active user base and is popular for finding long-term relationships as well as short-term matches.

2. Tinder – This is a popular dating app that focuses on quick matches rather than relationships. You can browse through photos of people who have already been matched with you, or you can ‘swipe left’ if you don’t want to see that person’s profile right away. It has a large user base and is especially popular with younger people.

3. OkCupid – This site focuses on personal relationships rather than just finding someone to date. You can read profiles and respond to messages, or you can sign up for an account and start meeting people immediately. It’s not as popular as some of the other sites listed here, but it’s still quite popular and provides a good alternative for those who are looking for something more specific than just a date.”

Her (formerly Hornet)

Hornet, a new dating site that’s set to take on the likes of RealDates and Match.com, is currently available in the UK.

What is Hornet?

Hornet is a new dating site that was founded in 2015 and is based in the UK. It boasts several features that make it different from the other options out there, including its focus on communication rather than simply finding someone to date. Hornet also offers several different ways to connect with others, including through its messaging service, social media platform, and app.

Why sign up for Hornet?

There are several reasons why people might choose to sign up for Hornet. For some people, it may be because they’re looking for an alternative to traditional dating sites like RealDates and Match.com. Others may be open to trying out new platforms and services and want something that’s specifically tailored to them. Whatever the reason, Hornet offers a unique experience that’s worth considering if you’re looking for an online dating option in the UK.

How does Hornet work?

To use Hornet, you first need to create an account. This can be done by clicking on the “Create Account” button located on the homepage of the website. After you’ve created your account, you’ll need to fill out some basic information about yourself (including your age, location, interests, etc.). Next, you’ll need


Looking for an alternative to real dates when you’re in the UK? WildFlirt is one of the best dating apps available. It’s free to download and use, and it has a wide range of potential matches. Plus, it’s easy to use and navigate.

If you’re looking for a fun and casual way to meet new people, WildFlirt is perfect for you. You can browse through profiles or join groups based on your interests. And if you’re feeling adventurous, you can even start up a conversation with someone on the app!

Whether you’re looking for a date, a friend, or something more serious, Wildflirt is a great choice for UK singles.


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